Commercial Solutions

Kratos specializes in the design, engineering, manufacturing, integration, and commissioning of electrical and electronic modular system infrastructure. Kratos' prefabricated enclosures can be custom configured for a wide range of applications, including data centers, power centers, and energy storage enclosures. These purpose-built solutions provide users with a secure, scalable, and rapidly deployable environment for housing mission critical IT, electrical, power, and cooling equipment.

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Kratos Modular Data Center Video

Modular Data Centers

data center interior
House the necessary racks, cabling, cooling, and power equipment to support IT services. Available as self-contained, all-in-one enclosures or individual modules delivered as a scalable system.

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Power Equipment Centers

power equipment center interior
Contain critical electrical components, including electronic controls, power distribution panels, UPS, power transformation, paralleling switchgear, and ATS. Configured to support low or medium voltage applications.

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Energy Storage Systems

custom enclosure
Modular ESS enclosures provide a scalable, environmentally controlled space for housing electrical and power equipment in support of energy storage projects. Variable battery technology offered depending on application.

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Design & Engineering

3D system rendering
Engineering team offers 3D modeling with skill sets in structural, thermal, functional, and power analysis to facilitate the development of the customer's vision and meet project goals.

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System Integration

integrated system
Full scope of integration capabilities to deliver turn-key solutions. Kratos remains vendor neutral and will incorporate any user-requested equipment.

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Deployment/ Site Services

site services
Kratos provides installation support, including site preparation and final system deployment.

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