Modular Data Centers


Kratos’ family of prefabricated modular data centers provides users with a secure and rapidly deployable environment for housing the equipment needed to support IT services. These turn-key systems are custom designed and purpose-built to meet the requirements of each project. Kratos remains vendor neutral and will integrate any customer-requested equipment. Whether the need is for a custom walk-in enclosure or ISO container-based platform, Kratos can provide a proven solution.

Kratos Modular Data Center Video 

Scalable Modular Systems

These modules are based on high-strength steel platforms that have integrated utility conduits and lower lifting provisions for ease of material handling. Steel structural insulated wall panels are utilized to provide superior strength-to-weight ratio. Kratos’ systems are scalable to accommodate future growth and can be arranged in various deployment scenarios:

  • IT Modules: House the server racks and network components. Multiple units may be connected together for additional capacity, forming a large open server room.
  • Power Modules: May be configured to support 480 volt or medium voltage applications. House the power distribution panel, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), light & appliance panel, paralleling switchgear, Fire Suppression System (FSS), and Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS).
  • Support Modules: Office enclosure utilized for facility monitoring and to provide a workspace for key personnel.

All-in-One Enclosures

Turn-key data center system enclosed in a self-contained unit for smaller requirements. Units may be built to ISO container dimensions and performance standards.

all-in-one data center module

All-in-One Enclosure

modular data center interior

Modular Data Center

power module

Power Module

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